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Professional cigar roller from Cuba visits Bulgaria at the invitation of Premium Cigars&Tobacco

November 1, 2012

Jose Alberto Pepe visits Bulgaria exclusively in November 2012 at the invitation of La Casa del Habano and Premium Cigars&Tobacco chain stores. He is a professional torsedor (cigar roller) with extensive experience in Habanos SA Corporation. He has a professional grade 9 - the highest qualification in the field. With such achievement can boast only a few Cubans who have proven their skills over the years.


During his visit in Bulgaria one can also get acquainted with the details of the rolling of a Cuban cigar, but also the culture Habanos - rich history and facts.


Live presentations of rolling cigars are held in the time range from 12 to 8 pm in the following locations in Bulgaria:

06-09.11. La Casa del Habano Radisson

10-11.11. La Casa del Habano Mall of Sofia

12-13.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco The Mall

15-16.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco City Center Sofia

20-21.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco Mall Plovdiv

22-23.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco Novotel Plovdiv

24-25.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco Mall Varna

26-27.11. Premium Cigars & Tobacco Grand Mall Varna


The profession "torsedor" occurs in rolling cigars factories. The production of cigars remains a completely manual process even today - from planting tobacco, throughout the cultivation, storage, folding and packaging as a product - more than 90 treatments made by hand. The role of the torsedors is to choose the right tobacco leaves for a cigar and to roll it up in a way in which the cigar is not too long, nor too thick and let enough air though to be comfortable for smoking. The professional`s mastery is in the precisely skillful selection and rolling tobacco leaves to a balanced ratio of the strength and flavor of the cigar, burning, and its aesthetic appearance.


Details and more information about the hand-rolled cigars one can get in the stores La Casa del Habano and Premium Cigars&Tobacco, as well as at the organized by "Kaliman Caribe" Ltd. courses under Habanos Academy.